And... Here's our Winners!

During the past few weeks, we have received quite a number of suggestions to improve our services. Some of you went out of the way to submit a fully written proposal and we are really touched by your effort. 

In this challenge, we were not looking for cookie cutter solutions, those are the Book-In answers to satisfy the our education system. We were looking for Book-Out ideas, creative solutions that answer real business problems; and many of you showed your creativity.
We have shortlisted the participants over the last few days and finally decided on the winners. Some of you chose the cash prizes while others chose the dinner with us. We will include both. The winner will receive $150 and the 3 honour winners will each receive $50. Here’s the result.

  1. Winner - Richard Goh
  2. Honours - Fiona Lee
  3. Honours - Ngoh Jun Dat
  4. Honours - Leong Ai Kuen

We will also be inviting all participants to attend our fireside chat, where you will get to know what we do and also for us to know you and your aspiration. Food and wine will be served. We will send out the invitation letter to you with the venue and time shortly.